Zanzibar Tours & Travel Operators

Zanzibar Tours & Travel Operators

Want the best agents for booking a Zanzibar holiday? Dream of the best beach holidays in Africa and dream of Zanzibar. Choosing reliable Zanzibar tours & travel companies is the very first step to proper safari planning and with this top 10 list of tour operators in Zanzibar, you are one step away from paradise. This review article also explains how you can choose the best Zanzibar tour operators.

Zanzibar is an archipelago that is located in Indian Ocean; off the Tanzanian coast. In 1964, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania hence, exploring Zanzibar Island is like exploring a section of Tanzania. Most Zanzibar tour operators actually offer safaris to Tanzania as well. It all depends on the Zanzibar travel operators that you deal with as others are more specific.

You actually need a single visa to visit both Tanzania and Zanzibar, and that’s what makes it all awesome especially when you intend to combine your wildlife or hiking safaris in Tanzania with a remarkable beach holiday in Zanzibar.

I understand you need highly reliable tour companies in Zanzibar for your next holiday and for this reason, I have managed to come up with a top list of tour operators in Zanzibar that you can rely on for your next adventure.

I travel with all the companies that I recommend to test their services and keep a thorough check on their review profiles to ensure quality service delivery. This way, I am able to come up with a good recommendable list of Zanzibar tours and travel operators that tourists can rely on for their next visit. See some of my top Zanzibar tour operators below.

Recommended list of tour operators in Zanzibar / Best Tour Companies in Zanzibar

  1. Tanzania Zanzibar Safaris
  2. Tanzania Zanzibar Holidays
  3. Beach Holidays Zanzibar
  4. Budget Zanzibar Safaris
  5. Luxury Tanzania Tours

As mentioned above, I have traveled with each of these Zanzibar tours and travel operators, tested their services and used it as a criteria to list them on this page. I always try so hard to maintain a good list of tour operators in Zanzibar that you can confide in for your holidays.

Most of these companies also act as Kenya travel agents, Tanzania travel agents, wildebeest migration agents, East Africa travel agents and Kilimanjaro trekking companies at the same time. They are flexible with diverse services.

If you need to carry out any other activities besides your Zanzibar adventures, you should definitely contact them. Actually, a few of them offer gorilla trekking trips in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo as well.

In this review article, I not only list the best tour companies in Zanzibar and explain how you can choose a reliable agency but also advise how you can properly plan for your safaris before even contacting an operators.

It’s always good to have some knowledge before you even reach out to a company for a service. This way, you are most likely to understand their recommendations and understand why they are tailoring your trip the way it is. With such knowledge, you are likely to make the right decisions and end up with a reliable Zanzibar tour operator for your escapade.

Top things to do in Zanzibar

Now before we look at the selection criteria for Zanzibar tours and travel operators, lets look at some of the top places to visit and things to do in Zanzibar. As you might have read somewhere, a visit to Stone Town, Jozani Forest, Nungwi Village, Nakupenda Island, Spice Island, Prison Island, Changu Island, Mnemba Island, Zanzibar Butterfly Center, Kuza Cave and Kizimkazi Dolphins among other destinations is awesome.

Regarding activities, there are so many activities that you can engage in when in Zanzibar ranging from watersports, to cultural tourism, historic tours, honeymoon getaways and so much more. This detailed Zanzibar safari review explains this in detail.

Do you really need Zanzibar tours and travel operators for your holiday?